Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Such a mess

White Strilitzia almst cut down, It was leaning on the back fence

Part demolition of my shed to put up new pergola.

Pergola completed and sheds demolished with concrete partly removed.

View of shed demolished in pile

View of cleared area that will be my new Sculpture studio, can't wait to get this mess into order again

Monday the boys got to work demolishing the rest of the sheds and jackhammered the concrete so there was clear space to measure up the new studio for me and a garden shed come workshop for my husband. The place is quite a mess with stuff from the sheds everywhere under tarps and under available cover.

They measured up the available land today and we will have drawings back in a couple of days. It will yake about a month still before it is ready to move back in.

I caught up briefly with Angela on Sunday as both our family and hers were celebrating a Father's day breakfast in the local Italian Cafe. I am on my way to the TTG Potters Club today so I may catch up with Ang there.


judsculpt said...

Hi Matt, It's good to have a new face to recognize, thanks for becomming a follower of my blog.
I'm in the middle of rebuilding my new studio so at the moment I can only work in the house on waxes for bronzes. Hope to catch up with your blog soon. Cheers

Linda Starr said...

Hope you studio progress is going well.