Sunday, January 17, 2010

Slowly getting back to work

I am beginning to work on a new portrait, this time a smiling man. I will be working on other busts in clay for a group show showing during SALA in July/August, in Adelaide, SA.

I have also signed a three month committment to Step into Life, a fitness group with a personal instructor and did a fitness test to start with a 2 km run and various 2 minute tests of pushups, weights, situps, continuous running and squats yesterday so today I can feel my shoulders have been working.
Hopefully I will be more willing to get out and exercise, as the mind is willing but just decides that something else needs to be done first and I just don't end up exercising. So we will see how motivated I get.

There are some beautifully Printed cards of the Mary MacKillop Bronze on sale by the Adelaide Catholic Archdiocese, which I hadn't personally seen until I received one as a Christmas card, so I went into the city and bought 5 packs at $10 each and was able to give my family a memento when I was with them a week ago.
I also have been told that the church has sent 5 orders for miniatures to the foundry.

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