Friday, August 10, 2012

Mary MacKillop Feast Day 8.8.2012

Bronze and "CCB" busts of Mary MacKillop

This is a photo of the two types of busts I have produced.
The one on the left is a foundry cast bronze of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop.
The one on the right is a "cold cast bronze" in epoxy resin produced from the same mould.
The bronze bust is 1/10 of a Limited Edition Bronze.
This bronze is destined for a Catholic Parish Church in Curtin, ACT. It will be a memorial to the life of Carmel O'Meara.

The  (CCB) epoxy resin bronze is the second bronze being bought by a catholic primary school. The first one was sent to Mt Isa, Queensland and this one is going to Sunshine, Victoria.
This is also being produced as a Numbered Limited Edition aimed towards schools who cannot afford a true bronze.
Please contact me if your school would like more information about either bronzes.
My email address is

We went to the Mary MacKillop Feast Day mass at St Francis Zavier Cathedral where a beautiful mass was celebrated and afterwards everyone from the congregation were given a carnation to place on the statue of Mary.
It was a lovely tribute to our first saint in Australia.

John and I with Mary MacKillop statue in Adelaide,SA
We were also invited to the Archbishop's House for the presentation of the miniature  bronze of the large statue to be presented to the Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Steven Yarwood, as Mary MacKillop worked in Adelaide as a St Josephite sister and was a fitting tribute to name her as a very special citizen of Adelaide.

Lord Mayor Steven Yarwood and myself with the Miniature bronze after the presentation
It was lovely to be thanked by both the Lord Mayor and Archbishop Wilson  as the sculptor of the large and miniature statues of Mary.

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