Monday, July 14, 2008

Mary Mackillop's role in World Youth Day

There will be people from all over the world, gathering in cities around Australia for World Youth Day.We are hoping that Blessed Mary MacKillop may be on track for sainthood and Pope Benedict XVI will be making a special visit to her tomb in Sydney whilst he is here in Australia.
It will be a very important visit as Mary is close to sainthood and it is very special to have been chosen to sculpt her and have a large bronze of her in the heart of Adelaide to remember her by.

I will be off tomorrow to work on the wax images from the moulds taken by the foundry.

Sean from Fundere Foundry says they are looking good.

So whilst I am working this week on the sculptures ' waxes I will be hoping for special news about Mary.

The bronze isn't ready for this year's Youth day but it will be ready to see in November this year.

I hope all the visitors to Australia enjoy their visit and make many life long friendships and if they would like to leave me a message, they will be able to follow the making of this important statue.

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Anonymous said...

I coach your grand daughter Erin in gymnastics. I think ur sculptures are amazing!!It must be really exciting that one of your sculptures will be displayed in victoria square!! i still cant believe how much detail there is!keep up the good work!