Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Breaking work

Well it's been quite a week. I met with the Architect who has designed the plinth for Mary MacKillop Statue and he had heard a wisper that problems were found in the soil where the site for the sculpture is to be sited and that will put the dedication back awhile, to at least January/Febuary next year, which makes me feel rather depressed as I hoped it would be ready soon. I have been working on this project for over a year now but it will be next year now before it will be unveiled.
I have been drying out the small clay sculptures that I have made and yesterday i added colour to the piece I named "Best Friends". I wanted to add some detail to the colour before I put it in the kiln and accidentally rocked the stand it was on and it went flying to the floor and broke into 10 pieces. I couldn't believe my bad luck. I ended up just putting the pieces in the kiln along with the other sculpture to bisque them,I felt so angry with myself for breaking a potentially sweet little piece and I did'nt even photograph it.
I also returned the "Josephite habit" I borrowed from the convent over 6 months ago,and spoke to one of the sisters there, and she asked how the sculpture was progressing.
Sala is finally over so I can get on with some more work. The Olympic Games gave me more ideas for work, as I like to model children at sport and play, and the young chinese gymnasts had some wonderful poses.
Time is getting away from me before I have to have work ready for the exhibition at Artistic License in October so I had better stop typing and do some work for it instead.

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