Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can't get these photos on correctly!

I have a good number of photos to put up to show how the waxes look. They look fantastic if only I can publish correctly.
I have been busy this last week getting work ready for two Sala shows, one in town "Wishlist" at The Space Between, Level 1, 187 Rundle street, Adelaide where I have 4 cast crystal glass sculptures of Mother and child minatures and the other out at the Tea tree Gully Craft Workshops on Crouch Road , Golden Grove.
This week I finished one piece for the coming exhibition at Artistic License. I am one of five artists showing there from 10th October to 2nd November this year. I have begun work on another piece today. Unfortunately they will be clay not bronze as I have not enough time left to work them as bronze pieces.

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