Monday, September 8, 2008

Porcelain workshop at Jam Factory, 4th September 2008

I have been attending a 10 week porcelain workshop on Saturdays and have now attended 4.They have been very informative with workshop days being slipcasting, jigger/jolleying, hand carving and painting. The one I enjoyed most has been the last one with Stephen Bowers (head of Jam Factory), taking us for painting on porcelain. His work is exquisite as you can see by the photos of his unfired platters. His talk was very informative and also included history of painting on pottery. We ended the class working on a pot to paint underglaze cobalt colour for our own work, which will be fired and glazed in the coming weeks.
Meanwhile I am coming to grips with painting with casein paint on one of my sculptures.

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