Monday, October 27, 2008

Jam Factory Porcelain Workshop Summary

We had a great 11 Saturdays of learning, talking, eating and seeing other people's ideas come to fruition and seeing what porcelain can be. It can be a beautiful white translucent body in reduction firing, but it is a hard task master, harder to pull up to the height and thinness that I wanted my thrown pieces to be, and not forgiving any warping of the cast pots as they came out of the moulds. But for all that, it is a wonderful clay, seeing the blue painting on the little pots make a very ordinary shape come to life.
I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to have a feel for what porcelain is all about. Robin Best and her helpful staff bent over backwards to give each of us information and a chance to see what we could do during the time spent at the Jam Factory and allowed us to work during the week if we were able to. Thank you all.

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