Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pottery is good for a change.

I have finished my last week at the Porcelain workshop at the Jam Factory and am working on painting some pots that I have made during the course, but haven't had the time to tackle. I bet I don't get them done in time to fire them at the Jam factory, so I will have to do them at home.
My daughter, granddaughters and I are going to Humna's Mustafa's place tonight to have a henna medallion done on our hands. Humna is a Henna artist who also does henna style designs on pots and they look great.
I will endeaver to photograph our hands tonight and post them on the blog. I have some photos of her work, so I will dig them out as well. She has just finished a joint exhibition with Phil Hart, at the Jam Factory.
I have also had some adds and an article in "Adelaide Matters" on the current show at Artistic Licenseand in the social page in the "Sunday Mail".
I also attended the opening of "Ignite" at St Ignatius College and saw a wonderful painting that I just could not resist, by Sally Parnis, named "Waiting for her Prince" so I bought it. None of my work sold, which was a pity but were major bronze pieces. It would have been great if they had sold, but Sally's work was voted People's Choice of the show and now I own it.

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