Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Unveiling of Blessed Mary MacKillop statue

A beautiful mass was said at the beginning of the celebrations.
Elders of the Josephite sisters unveil the new statue of Blessed Mary MacKillop.

A crowd of several hundred attended the unveiling and blessing of the Mary MacKillop Statue
at Mary MacKillop Plaza, Adelaide, South Australia on Sunday 22nd March 2009 after a special mass to celebrate the unveiling of the new statue.

Bishop Greg O Kelly addressed the people at the opening and Archbishop Phillip Wilson also spoke of the work of Blessed Mary MacKillopbefore blessing the new statue.

Blessing of the statue.

This is the statue after the the opening. I was pleased how it looked well against the stonework of the cathedral. It stands in the new Mary MacKillop Plaza beside Victoria Square, in the heart of the city of Adelaide, South Australia.
Many of the Josephite sisters were in attendance and also three sisters from India attended the unveiling.There were many congratulations from everyone and everyone was pleased with the image that I had conveyed. Family from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria as well as Adelaide, came to the unveiling and stayed the weekend to celebrate with us.


doug Fitch said...

Woohoo! That's amazing! I've been rather out of the blog loop recently and have only just had the opportunity to check up on everything that's been happening. Many, many congratulations, you should/must feel very proud!

Linda Starr said...

So great to see your beautiful bronze in its place of honor. congratulations.

judsculpt said...

Thanks so much for your comments Doug and Linda.I have just come from the city after a radio interview and I have had 2 emails asking about sculptures for schools. Whether they come to anything it remains to be seen ,so I am now busy.You sound like you had a good trip to Scotland Doug and thanks for following my work,both of you.Judy

Rose said...

What a massive undertaking and such a beautiful and sensitive sculpture Judy.
Love the blog
Cheers Rose

judsculpt said...

Thanks Rose, I did see you at the opening of the Clay Collective's exhibition, you all had beautiful work on display and I know Merrilyn, Erin, and a few others from your collective.Judy