Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catching up with blogging

Where have I been hiding? no I have just been busy.
I have had three small bronze commissions to do after the excitement of the opening and dedication of the MaryMacKillop bronze sculpture.
Three schools were also wanting to have the same sculpture installed in their school grounds until they realized the complexity of bronze casting, the cost of same and the fact that the church now owns the copyright of the sculpture as they commissioned the work to be done.
The church and I hope that we can get a small version of the sculpture to be sold as a limited edition, but as yet there is only talking going on.
I have been busy, having been asked to talk about my sculpture at school groups and evening groups and last week was the opening speaker at an Art Show.
I am also in a workshop learning more about EOI's, how to present "expressions of interest" for Public Artworks, and this entails a fair ammount of work.
On a more personal note I have been trying to catch up with my son Shaun and his Swiss friend Lucas as they drive an old Volvo through Europe and the middle East to Singapore and ultimately to Australia and then around the coast of Australia.
If you want to follow their adventures go to http://www.lcbdirect.ch/ as it is quite an adventure they are having. They have just travelled through Turkey, Iran and are now in Pakistan.

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