Friday, June 19, 2009

I am still working on the "Expression of Interest" workshop, run by Craftsouth, SA. We are a group of 4 artists with different skills and we are putting together a sculpture proposal for Port Adelaide, as part of the workshop and it is taking a fare amount of my time to do my part.
I have also had a meeting with people from the Adelaide Catholic Archdiocese to look into producing a minature bronze edition of the sculpture of of Mary Mackillop.
I have been gathering costs and we have been looking at the feasibility of an limited edition of maybe 50. Please let me know if anyone is interested in maybe buying one.
I've also done another talk with a powerpoint presitation to the Alberton Supper Group on Monday Night.
My son Shaun is now through Pakistan and is now in Nepal with his friend Lucas from Switzerland. We get to speak to him on Skype occasionly which is good, as there are a few days when we can't get in touch except by SMS.
He had his portrait painted by a Pakistan artist in Lahore which was excellent.
I sent work to Brunswick Street Gallery Fitsroy, Victoria for their "Minatures 09" show.
It would be nice to go over and see it but it's a long way, (800 odd km).
I am also placing crystal glass casting in the St Ignatius Art show 09 in late July.

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