Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shaun the Adventurer,read the blog

This is a painting I did of Shaun, maybe 10 years ago.

Shaun, a photo of him this year. He usually works in Papua New Guinea for a month and then back home in Adelaide for a month, but he and his friend Lucas from Switzerland are trying to drive his friend's old Volvo car from Switzerland to Singapore and then ship it to Australia and Lucas will then attempt to travel around Australian coastline. Shaun has leave from work till the end of July, so he has to return to work and leave Lucas to finish the journey.
They left Switzerland late March and made their way down to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, India and tried to get through to Burma but can't get a visa so they are in India at the moment, and are trying to get to Bangladesh . The reports of their journey are posted on Lucas's blog and make enjoyable reading as well as their photos. Follow them on
We make contact with them when they can get on the internet, and they have had some wonderful experiences that are worth reading, and have managed to see local life while they are travelling and have made many friends.


Linda Starr said...

What a great trip your son is taking. Judy, the painting you have done looks just like a photograph or of him in real life - so realistic, amazing.

judsculpt said...

Thanks Linda.