Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Description of the new Studio

Front wall of studio showing glazing racking and front window.
Side wall showing my electric kiln in the corner with pottery trolly, wheel and portable patina table.

Back wall shows the drying cabinet, my tool cabinet, the downdraft working area and the bench for working waxes and investing waxes ready for bronze casting and the kiln in the corner.
Large tall racking for sculpture and materials. Clay is stored on the bottom shelf.The yellow trolly is a lift table, which was used for the over life sized Mary MacKillop sculpture.
The view from under the pergola. The other door is my husband's workshop.

I have finally moved into my studio, painted a few surfaces and unpacked boxes of all sorts of stuff.
No wonder I could no longer fit into my old shed, it was bursting at the seams. It was clear to me that I really was a hoarder of the worst kind. I began by trying to get the 25 kg bags of feldspar, silica, Gerstley borate (yes),
dolomite, ball clays, etc, into the shelving space that I had earmarked for glazing materials and there was no way it was going to fit.I gave some quantities to the club and to a couple of interested potters and had to get rid of at least half the quantities I had as I really only do some casual potting for now as I am working as a sculpter now.

I also had to move my 400kgs of sculpture clay and stored this also on the bottom shelf along with some bags of various clays I have.
My husband connected the kiln so on one side of the studio is kitted out with a trolly of ware boards for thrown pots. with the kiln in the corner then the trolly then my throwing wheel and I still need a wedging tableand at the end of that wall is my glaze storage shelves next to the large window at the front of the studio which looks out on the garden.
The side wall closest to the tall door houses new shelving with the clay at the bottom and will house unfinished sculptures and completed sculptures, as well as equipment for printing, glass and sculpture.
The back wall has a drying cabinet(the very old kind that was used for drying clothes, before the tumble dryer),a tool cabinet, a new downdraft working space for fetting metal sculptures and a working bench I will use for waxing and investing sculptures with my welding and investing materials below the bench. (The kiln is at the end of this wall).
I need to take some photos to show you the layout.

We had a lovely Christmas day with our family all home to open presents and then having lunch cooked for us by my daughter's family, as it was their first Christmas in their new home.
Shaun invited Tanya to stay with him over Christmas holidays and Lisa had the Teakle families join us for the meal also.
The weather was lovely and sunny and not so hot, so we were able to relax for the day.

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