Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mould making of the Mary MacKillop sculpture

 Shim fences and silicone placed in the deep recesses.

 Placing the dividing fences of shim.

 Details of the shim fence around the hand.

 Back view.

 Beginning to paint on the fluid silicone rubber on the face.

Saturday is the third day of making the mould of the Mary MacKillop sculpture.
Cameron from Fundere Fine Art Foundry is doing the work.

He travelled over from Victoria on Wednesday (an 8 hour road trip,) and began work on Thursday.
After placing aluminium shims at areas where he wanted to have separate pieces of the mould, he then began to fill in the deeper recesses of the modelling with  commercial silicone.
Cameron then began to work a fluid silicone rubber over the highly modelled parts of the sculpture and left them to set overnight.
I cut up squares of felt ready for the next day and and Cameron also tore into small squares fibreglass matting ready for the epoxy resin.

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Anna said...

truly amazing Judith,well done.
Sorry I did'nt get to see her.