Saturday, April 16, 2011

New St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Bronze Sculpture for Sydney

Sisters' Maryellen, Terisita and Marie visit the studio to see the the new sculpture for Sydney . Sister Terisita is over 90 years old and enjoyed the visit.

It's so long since I have actually written a blog, no one will want to look anymore.
But I have been working all this time.
I have been asked by the Sisters of St Joseph at Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney, NSW to design a new statue of Mary MacKillop to be placed outside the Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel in North Sydney.
The design for this was accepted last November and we then agreed to the new sculpture going ahead so I have been working the last three months modelling the figure.
The foundry will come over to Adelaide after Easter to take the moulds to make the waxes for it to be cast into bronze.
They will have the over life size bronze ready for installation in September this year.

The press release about the new bronze will be released next week so I am also allowed to blog about it.
It had been confidential up until now.
I have had so many of the South Australian Sisters of Saint Joseph out to the studio to preview it before the foundry comes to make the moulds.
As Fundere Fine Art Foundry is situated in Victoria in the suburb of West Footscray, Melbourne, most people from South Australia will not see the finished bronze as it will be shipped straight to Sydney NSW.
So I have asked friends and people interested to see the sculpture to arrange to see it at the studio before the foundry arrives.

Over the next few weeks I will post photos of the work as it progressed the last few months.

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