Friday, October 29, 2010

Photos from Adelaide Canonisation Celebrations

I was sent these two photos from the celebrations by the editor of "The Southern Cross" and thought I would post them.
It was an amazing feeling as cameras were all clicking for about 5 minutes, I felt somehow I had been mistaken for a movie star, so I am sure now that the sculpture of Saint Mary has had an impact on Adelaide's Catholic  community.

Thank you Adelaide for embracing the Mary MacKillop sculpture and having pride in its placement in the heart of Adelaide.

I have been reading  "The Dig Tree" by Sarah Murgatroyd about the tragic expedition of Bourke and Wills. The authorhad studied and travelled extensively providing news and current affairs coverage for the BBC.
To research THe Dig Tree she retraced the footsteps of Bourke  and Wills across Australia.Sarah died of cancer in March 2002 at the age of 35, a few weeks after her book was published.

After watching a program last night on TV about Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King I was struck by how many good people are lost to the world so early in their lives.
They believed earnestly that we can all do good work for others less fortunate than ourselves  if only we look  and like Mary MacKillop see a need and do something to help.

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