Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yurrabilla Trail Tomorrow

Gosh I'm so anxious about tomorrow. All's not well with my body, with a right knee being nursed along so that it doesn't swell for tomorrow and a pesky ilieo soas tendon in my left hip which appears to have been strained somewhat, I am a little worried that tomorrow is not going to be the sucess I am hoping for. Such is life.
I went to see a couple of doctors to try to work out where the pain is coming from, and they tell me that it probably is wear and tear as one gets older, but I am not ready to accept that I can no longer do these events and I'm sure that my body is actually stronger by training and doing these long walks. What about all the healthy sunshine and exercise in the open air, and the enjoyment of the bush? I am much better for having lost some weight.
Daylight saving begins tomorrow, so the clocks are turned back 1 hour which means I really need to get up at 4.30 am which will make it 3.30am real time, because of day light saving.
I am swinging by Cath's place to pick her up and get to the bus departure point in time for the bus leaving at 5.30 am.
The bus will get us to the 6.30 start and we will need a torch through Echo tunnel as it will be just before dawn. I hope to post the profile of the trek and the map with this post.

Congrats to the potters that were in the Potters and and Blog show. I was so pleased Ang represented our corner of the globe.

A few good things are happening at my studio but are not able to be publicised at the moment.
only to say another bronze sculpture should soon be underway.
Hope I can say tomorrow evening that I completed the Trail walkso I will keep you posted.
The cutoff time for the last hill to be tackled is 4.30 pm and the best time I have crossed the last hill is 1 hour 20 minutes so we will have to at that checkout by about 4.00pm to complete the walk by 5.30pm.
We can have a shower at the football club and there is a presentation dinner following after the event.


ang said...

hey judith nothing like having a goal or 2 hope today goes well, ad the bloggers show looks like a blast :))

judsculpt said...

Thanks Ang, your poster looked wonderful for the show in America. Hope you get lots of feedback from it.