Friday, May 25, 2012

Erin, 1st overall, level 7 Gymnastics SA

Erin at Gym Competition.SA
SA State Team Level 7 in Sydney

Erin and Carla holding teammate.

Showing off and excited in Sydney for the Nationals.
We picked up Erin from school in the city and took her for her last massage,yesterday,before she and her teammates fly to Sydney for the National Womens' Gymnastic Titles next week.

Over the last two months South Australia have had four Competitions and they have been trials for a place in the state team to compete at the Nationals.
Out of the four competitions, at level 7, Erin placed 3rd overall, and placed 1st overall in the last three. so she hopefully will do well for South Australia.
 Three girls made the state team from her club "Tea Tree Gully" and she was especially pleased when her best friend Carla also made the team.
They will be watching the Olympic tryouts for this year's Australian team tonight so I'm sure they will be inspired.
Their competition will be Monday evening and the finals will be Wednesday night, so "good luck"and enjoy the experience.

Tea Tree Gully Level 7 Team with  StateTeam Trophy

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