Thursday, May 10, 2012

Xstrata Percival Portrait Award, Townsville, QLD


Banner outside Gallery with my painting.

 I found a photo of my painting in the gallery, it looks small on the wall and there are some beautiful paintings in the gallery, Pity it is so far away, I guess 4000Km away from where I live.
I also found out that the gallery used the painting on a banner outside the gallery so I asked if they could send me a photo of the banner and this came today.

Gallery  - Ground Floor

Paradise Harbour- Antartica

I am working on a painting this last week of an iceberg I took a photo of when we went to Antartica in 2008. It's quite hard to get it working with all the ice blues.
I am hoping to have it accepted for the Waterhouse Art Prize. This is one of the best exhibitions in Australia. I would love to have my painting selected as a finalist for this show.

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