Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jam Factory Teapot Workshop.

I finally received a letter from the council saying my EOI was unsuccessful in reaching the next stage, so I am a little disappointed but they were happy to give a general review and it was not the lack of quality of the EOI, just that they had not particularly thought of a figurative sculpture in bronze as a public sculpture for that area. So back to the drawing board and get started on some other work.

I went to the Jam Factory Teapot Workshop this last weekend and saw some great potters work on Teapots. Amongst the demonstraters were Ann Linnemann throwing porcelain from Denmark, Bruce Nuske handbuilding, Robin Best slipcasting and Stephen Bowers decorating. It was a great weekend and was good to see how other artists work.


Linda Starr said...

Sorry about the EOI. What a great workshop that sounds which you just attended.

judsculpt said...

I haven't posted images yet as I was sewing up the covering for the statue last night ,24 m into a 6m x4m cloth.Judy