Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rebecca well done!!

Well it's a stinker of a day, with swirling dust laden wind coming from the north. Hopefully the cooler weather will eventuate as they forcast later today, but for now it is scary to be so hot with high winds, as it is like the days when we have had bad bushfires with pink skies full of dust.
Rebecca did us proud when she partnered with Anna Meares and rode in the Open National team sprint. They qualified second and went on to ride for the gold and silver medals.
Anna is making her comeback after serious injury on the track last year and she picked Rebecca to ride with her although she is still 16.
They rode the finals and ended up with 2nd place and a silver medal but 1st place and the Australian championship jersy and gold medal was won by Anna's sister Kerrie Meares, and her partner Emily Rosemond all from Queensland. Congrats Kerrie and Emily.
Congrats Bec and Anna in coming second, well done.
We will be watching her race tonight, in the under 19 Keiren at the SA veledrome.
Back to work issues, I put in an "Expression of Interest" to Norwood Council for the sculpture to go on Osmond Terrace. Here's hoping I can make it to the next round.
I have also heard that the foundations have been poured for the plinth, and that they are now bankering the stonework for the plinth, so it's starting to get closer to the sculpture being finished.

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