Sunday, February 1, 2009

Adelaide's heat wave continues

Just wanted to say that the weather here is quite extreme at the moment in South Australia.
Monday 36.6, Tuesday 43.2, Wednesday 45.7, Thursday 43.5, Friday 43.1, Saturday 40.3, and today the forcast is 40.0 degrees c and there isn't any relief in sight till next Saturday when it may drop back to 35 degrees c.SO you can see that we have been well over 100 degrees f sincc Tuesday as 100 degrees is 37.7? in centigrade scale.
We have young Rebecca Stevenson here in Adelaide with the Queensland State Track Cycling team to compete in the Australian National Track Cycling Championships. She is my late sister's granddaughter, so we will be going to watch the cycling at the veledrome, a few nights this coming week and cheer her on. Because of the heat the track will be guaranteed to be fast, but it will be extremely hot in the veledrome. Her original track bike was mine which she has now canibalized to give her a better bike, but it was nice to be able to give her my old track bike to get started on. All the best for this week Rebecca.

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