Monday, June 13, 2011

Body casting and bronze casting link

Occasionally I look at where people land in on my blog and one of the most popular pages is about bodycasting.
So there are people wanting information on bodycasting.
I received an email from  sculptor.Olivier Duhamel in New Zealand who has written two manuals about body casting and bronze casting and is soon to release a new manual on  mould making.
I have actually ordered one of his books, but haven't yet received it, so I was interested to promote his website
for those persons who are interested, like me, in reading practical books on the subject.
 His web address is :- haven't been able to post this to become a link so I will have to retry but in the meantime I am sure you can reach him.
The manual looks to be a wonderful "do it yourself"book and I am looking forward to having a read of it.

His website is a great place, please visit.Please see the website address also in the sidebar on blogs

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