Sunday, June 19, 2011

Updated my photo

My husband took a few photos of me as I felt the photo I have been using is rather old and I needed a recent one.I was amazed how old I look and I suppose I have resisted looking too closely at my image of late.Needless to say I really wasn't impressed with what was the best of the photos,( am I really that heavy in the face and so-oo matronly?).
Last winter I managed to loose a few kilo with bush walking, jogging and exercise, but getting back into sculpting and not exercising the past six months has taken its toll and I have regained the extra weight again.I'm so depressed.
I was cleaning out my cupboards and came across a portrait I did at TAFE college half a dozen years ago and was impressed that I had painted it so long ago,(I spent a year not dying my hair).I was trying to relate how I viewed myself as a sculptor, hence my hands in front of the portrait.

Thought I might post it to show with new photo.

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