Saturday, June 25, 2011

TTG Club Firing

I spent a few hours out at the Tea Tree Gully Craft Workshop club today whilst the girls were firing the big gas kiln for the second time since it has been rebuilt.
Looking at the kiln log during the firing.
Ang was  firing a raku kiln and also keeping a eye on the gas firing.

Jill working

I put 6 mugs in my own kiln firing (which I had thrown and bisqued about 15 years ago). About time I glazed them. It's funny because I haven't glazed pottery for so long, I really had to think what I was doing.

I glazed the second head I had decorated, and fired it in my kiln at my studio, and was very disappointed with the results, although the clear glaze worked well. I'll have to practice my brushwork a lot more before I work on something I want to keep.
The head slipped on it's ring during firing so it had to be chipped off at the bottom.

Belinda and her daughter pose for me, for a drawing I need to produce for a proposal.
As you can see it is a beautiful winters day, the sun was glorious.

Last of all I had made a small statuette of Mary MacKillop, made moulds,  cast it in porcelain , underglazed it and fired it at the same time with the head and mugs.

I am  showing some work  at St Ignatius Art Show during SALA festival in August. I am putting the torso I had cast in bronze into the show but will need to see if they will accept it . There has been some rejections with nude work of late  so I will have to wait and see .

Bronze Torso for art show.

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ang walford said...

...and firing a bisque at the same time :)) fully exhausted now!! thanks for taking these pics judith I didn't get any...