Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sculpture modelling complete

I have finally finished all the modelling now and have signed the work.
I now have to wait for Fundere Foundry to travel to Adelaide on Tuesday and they will commence the mould making and will probably finish it by the weekend and take it back to the foundry at Footscray, Melbourne.
The architect and Paul from the Archdiocese came out today and checked the dimensions against the planned foundations and are very pleased with the sculpture.
Everything has been finished on time on time and the foundry now have 4 months to do their work .
It will bebe positioned in Mary Mackillop Place which is being landscaped as garden and open space, beside the Adelaide Cathedral , overlooking Victoria Square.
John will take photographs for me on Saturday, so there will be new photographs on my site next week.

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ang said...

look at you all mapped up.. I should have taken some shots today, oops did anyone else?