Friday, June 13, 2008

Work continues on the moulds

It's now Friday and the mouldmaking team of Sean and Chris from Fundere Fine Art Foundry have been hard at it for the third day now. They completed the first coat of RTV rubber Thursday morning and started adding a second layer of rubber to the back of this first layer, colouring the second layer and laying felt into the sticky second layer of rubber.
The third layer is resin is worked into the back of the felt after the rubber layer has cured.
Fiberglass sheeting is laid into this resin and they apply two coats to make a good 3 layer mould.
The team is working hard and I have been there each day to get them breakfast and fetched them a meal at lunchtime today. I have also assisted with cutting up various sized felt strips and fibreglass strips to help them while they work on the sculpture.
The weather has been threatening to rain a few times, so the work gets shifted indoors now and then, but goes back out in the open air for them to work on.
The boys were sleeping on the floor with a bit of carpet under them the first night, but Shaun my son, loaned them a swag and a camp bed for them so they had a more comfortable night, last night.
last night for sleeping.
The area next to our workshops belongs to the Golden Grove Football Club, and they have been doing a lot of earthworks, and the area across from us are developing a new housing area, so there are a lot of heavy trucks rumbling around the vicinity, so the boys are getting an early wake up call each day starting with the corellas in the gums at 5:30am.

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anya said...

All sounds very interesting,thankyou for the information.
The poor guys must be freezing out there in the shed,a big pat on the back for them.
Good luck