Friday, October 2, 2009

latest news, a new agreement signed today.

I have been keeping my latest work under wraps until I signed the agreement today.
I have been working on a minature of of the Mary MacKillop sculpturein wax and completed it yesterday and signed an agreement with the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide for them to produce an edition of minature bronzes for collectors to buy.
The work has been done over a period of 3 months whilst getting an agreement written to licence the Catholic church to reproduce the the original sculpture as an edition of minature bronzes.
I have now finished the waxes, working the last week on the details through a magnifying lamp.The foundry picked up the waxes and are transporting them back to the foundry where they will take a month to make the moulds and make an artist proof in bronze which will then be signed off by myself before they begin production of the minature bronze for collectors and anyone interested in owning a minature in bronze of Blessed Mary MacKillop.
We hope people will be interested in owning this sculpture as it will be used as a fundraiser for the Adelaide Archdiocese.
We are also hoping that Mary MacKillop will be made Australia's first Saint on the coming year. She is such an extraordinary early pioneer in the late 1800s, and many Australians are waiting for her to be made a saint.

Meanwhile, I have been impatiently waiting for my new studio to be built but as the land available does not have a single right angle to each corner, the builders are having to get everything custom ordered,so I will still need to wait another week before the studio has all the bits made ready for building.

My daughter and her family are now feeling happy to be in their new home. It takes 15 minutes to drive from our house to their's and we have been going every day to see what they have unpacked and put in order.
Young Erin travelled to Port Pirie for an invitational Gymnastic competition about 3 hours away by car last weekend. She placed 2nd overall in individual competition and placed first on the uneven bars adding a 1 and half giant circle to her routine and placed 2nd in vault beam and floor in level 5 A.She was the only gymnast to attempt a giant circle amongst the level 5 and 6 competators and had the spectators very quiet whilst she performed her routine on the uneven bars.


ang said...

hey congrats judith, hope it all goes smoothly here in..i still have your little gift from doug see ya wed perhaps...

Patricia Griffin said...

Bravo! That's great news!

judsculpt said...

Thanks ang, i have been trying to catch up with you each wek but havn't suceeded yet.thanks also patricia, i'll have to return the visit.