Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thanks Doug

Thanks Doug for the lovely bowl. I finally called round to Ang's place on Monday and she gave me your bowl.
So great to actually hold someones pot from another country and she showed me the pieces she made at your place , including the Cardew slumped platter.I also got to hold some mugs from Ron Philbeck so it was wonderful to hear how she went, including seeing Lincoln Kirby Bell.
Thanks so much for showing her things that she can show us in Australia.
I hurridly took some photos of the Minatures before I gave them to the foundry to mould but they are rather dark and hard to see details.
My husband also found a piece on Mary MacKillop made for canadian Tv and there were a couple of shots of the sculpture beside the Cathedral, which was interesting to see, although they did not name me as the sculptor.

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