Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photos at last.

Looking through the interior with the back wall and roof built.
View down the side of the house with the cladding
partly finished.
Interior of the new studio.

Looking through John's workshop and through my studio to the back garden of the back neighbour.

Roof being built.
View from the back of the house with the studio being built up to the new pergola.

Something changed with the way I used to make my photos ready to put on the blog and it has taken me some time to get my head around how to reduce the photo sizing for blogging. I am a hopeless person withcomputer technology, so it really throws me when they update software and I can no longer use the simple tricks that I have been shown. It makes my blood boil after trying for hours to upload photos, only to fail and not be able use the photos to illustrate my blog.Well here I go again.after trying last night for an hour to post these photos.


Patricia Griffin said...

New studio is going to be delightful! Lucky lady!

ang said...

hey judith, looking ab room for the vegie patch now!!

judsculpt said...

Thanks Patricia,I am impatiently waiting to move all my stuff back into the studio again.(it's not a shed now)

judsculpt said...

Hi Ang, no there is no room for a vege patch, just a small space for the herbs and lettuce and the resident Blue tongue lizard.

Ron said...

Wow, that's gonna be a great space.

judsculpt said...

Thanks Ron, thats if it ever gets finished as work has stopped again .Waiting to hear from the concreters now.

Linda Starr said...

Wow, that's a lot of construction and going to be a great space, so glad it';s coming along so well.