Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New studio slowly getting built.

I am slowly seeing my new studio come to life . The builders will finish the outside cladding tomorrow. We need to get the electrical wiring in and the concrete floor down as well. We have been waiting for someone to turn up since last Friday and finally someone came this afternoon and took measurements and will ring back a quote tomorrow, but said they were busy till next weekand and couldn't fit it into their work schedule till then, so either way I am left with my studio partly built.
Once the electrical and concrete work is finished the builders will come back and fit out the interior walls and someone will make the doors and window .
We will also need to have the paving relaid around the outside of the walls and we want to add a watertank as well so it will take a while before all these jobs are done.
On another note, I rang the foundry and they will be ready in 2 weeks for me to fly to Melbourne, to finish the artist proofs of Mary Mackillop minature, ready to take back to the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church are producing an Edition of bronze minatures of Mary MacKillop.
I also finished another bronze for a client in Queensland and they received it this week and were very happy with it.
I also received an invitation to exhibit with Artistic License Gallery next July so I will need to get some new work on the go.
Cheers for now, I will try and post some photos with thisblog although I didn't get to post the last lot of photos.

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ang design said...

hope you took lots of pics of the construction...you know we love pics!! congrats on all the work ticking over..