Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friday, second day of mouldmaking for the Saint Mary MacKillop bronze for Sydney

 Applying thick RTV rubber to the front.

 I'm applying squares of felt to the sticky rubber after Cameron has applied the rubber.

 Top half completly covered with the RTV rubber and a layer of felt applied on top.
 Cameron form the foundry applying a thick layer of rubber to the back half of the habit.

 Second part of applying felt completed on the figure.

 Cameron begins the final layers of epoxy resin to the figure. He wets the felt with epoxy resin and then applies two coats of torn up squares of fibreglass matting, each one wet with epoxy resin to make a strong behind the flexible RTV rubber coating.
The fumes from the epoxy resin are very strong, so to protect himself, Cameron works on this part himself, with a ventilated breathing system to protect himself from the fumes.
He also wears skin protection, working in overalls and gloves

 Applying the fibreglass and pressing it into the felt with epoxy resin.

Front half of mould completed.
The work took all of Friday to complete to this stage and Cameron was thankful to call it a day and happy to leave the last half till Saturday.

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