Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Work has slowed down these last couple of weeks.

Dismantling the sculpture
I began to dismantle the sculpture the day after the foundry left and began to pull off the clay in lumps and wet it down whilst it lay in some big containers.
I bagged it into about 28 bags so I could lift it into the car and took off for the Tea Tree Gully Craft workshops to use the basic pug mill .Probably there is about 150 to 180 kg of clay.
I spent most of the day there putting the clay through the mill.
I placed all the clay back in the containers and wet it down again and left it overnight.
The next morning I repugged the clay again to blend the containers together and finished bagging it up.By the time I cleaned the pug mill and mopped the floor, I was one very tired lady and was pleased to have half the sculpture's clay reclaimed.
I still have the rest to do but will keep the sculpture wet and wrapped in wet sheets and plastic till after I come back from the Melbourne trip .
I leave for Melbourne on Monday to spend 3 days checking over the waxes before they sprue  and invest the waxes.The foundry will be ready to pour the bronze into the investments in about a month.

Meanwhile I have started bush walking again with my friend Cathy.We both live in the foothills so bush walking is a relatively easy past time.We decided it was time to get fair dinkum and start walking through a steeper section of the hills, so we have walked Black Hill last week and again this morning.
The distance is about 12 km up and over this hill and we took 3 hours14 minutes to complete it today.
 We had good cool weather round 20 degrees and managed to gasbag  all the way, talking tends to stop you thinking about the steep terrain and I took my camera with me to take photos of the track.


Linda Starr said...

I love this post because of the fair dinkham and gasbag which I have no idea what they mean, but interesting all the same. I hope you post photos of the bush walks

judsculpt said...

Hi Linda, thanks for the comments,gasbagging is really talking nonstop about nothing in particular.My son arrived home last night and I didn't get a chance to come back to post photos.