Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last few photos at the end of Mary MacKillop mouldmaking process.

 The arm has been moved aside whilst the front section was removed. Collateral damage to the clay is inevitable.

 The crucifix stayed with the moul, as did the rosary.

 The top half of the sculpture's mould.

The serene face of Mary MacKillop after the moulds are pulled off the sculpture.

The mould making process took two and a half days. Cameron was able to load up his station wagon at 1.00PM He placed the moulds into a strong bag and secured it to the top of his car and was able to get away and drive back part of the way to Melbourne which is 730 km away.
I was left with cleaning up the debris from the demoulding process.

 Erin,our youngest granddaughter was the model for the movement in the sculpture of Mary.

 The bag with the moulds inside were placed on the roof of Cameron's car for the trip to Melbourne.

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