Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday ,third and final day of mouldmaking for the Mary MacKillop Sculpture

 Cameron working at the bottom skirt applying fibreglass. Note the lift table is useful as the sculpture can be raised and lowered for working.

Three quarters finished.

 Showing back supports for the sculpture.

 Cameron using an electric saw to trim off the edges of the moulds.
He has already drilled holes for the bolts for when the moulds are reassembled.

 The wispy outline of the fibreglass is trimmed.

 The first pieces of the mould are taken off the arm to reveal the clay beneath
 The inside of the mould, the thumb is left behind in the rubber.

 A little persuasion is needed to break the suction of the mould against the clay.

 A wedge is forced between the two layers of mould.

 View of  the inside of the piece removed.

Easing the head mould off the sculpture
 Handy spot for a tool.

Side of mould removed.

 Tug of war to remove.

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