Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fired head before painting with casein paint.

I quickly downloaded 5 photos before I went to bed and found that I had clicked on some earlier photos that I has not meant to post, but as they are now up I will leave them, and give an explanation.

The first 2 are modelled from a photo of my daughter.

The next one is a shot of part way through modelling Shaun, my son.
He almost looks like he just needs pointy ears and he would make a good "Pan".
I kept modelling until I had a much better likeness .
Just shows how the face can change when details are not quite right. I'll have to post the finished pieces to show the difference.

This photo is a head that I had fun with one weekend,
I quite enjoyed working on the details of it . I eventually will colour it with casein paint and try some of the techniques that Judy Fox uses.

This is one of the photos I meant to post , of my friend Cathy whilst out walking on Wednesday.

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