Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A short post .

This is a bronze cast of the torso I was working on earlier this year. The stand was also made commercially especially for the piece. Silvio Opponyi helped me with the patina, it looks so good.

This is a stoneware bust "Dreaming", I have used casein paint to colour the bust.
"Shaun", a stoneware bust coloured with a bronze patina.

I am touching base with the blog as it is ages since I posted news.
Our group exhibition went well and has now finished at Artistic License on Melbourne Street, Adelaide but my 4 pieces can still be seen there for another couple of weeks as they did not have any sculptures on display so mine have remained till the start of the following exhibition.
I was a little suprised at the opening, that the artists weren't introduced to the good crowd of people that attended.
I hoped that people seeing my work might consider having a bust made or having a bronze head commissioned.
I am currently working on a commission for a sculpture design, and if all goes well, am hoping it will lead to another life size bronze in the near future.

I have been doing a lot of trail walking and jogging over the last few months so I am relatively leaner and fitter than I have been.
I walk with a group of women who are very fit and we walk the local hill trails usually for 2 to 8 hours and we last walked part of the yurrabilla trail from Norton Summit to Black Hill on Saturday, 22kms in 3 hours 33 minutes, whilst the rest of the girls were attempting the Oxfam Sydney 100 kms trail. Karen pulled out after going 60 km at 1 am and Babette also pulled out with injury, but Tracy and Sue finished the 100km in 27 hours which was wonderful news.
We are training to finish the Yurrabilla Trail, 56km across the face of the Adelaide hills in 11 hours. Only 4 weeks to go, as it is being held on Sunday October 3 2010.


Anna said...

Hi Judith,your pieces look great,sorry I could not make your opening,had the dreaded virus.good luck

Linda Starr said...

Love the patina on the bust, well done. Strange artists weren't introduced at the opening. What a lot of walking you are doing.

judsculpt said...

good to hear from you again, I haven't been blogging for a while. I am enjoying walking at the moment and we have some good steep hills close by with terrific views.