Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ang's Slipware Workshop

I spent most of today at the Tea Tree Studios at Ang's workshop on slipware and I enjoyed myself playing with slip and trying valiently to try Hannah MacAndrew's beautiful slipped drawings and Doug Fitch's designs and I found that it requires much practice and patience.
I believe this is a pot of Hannah's, Ang brought back with her.

We watched Ang's video of the three workshops she attended in the US of Hannah and Doug's methods of slipware and the sounds of Doug's band playing. It was most enjoyable and so good to watch their sure handedness in working with slip.

watching video
Selection of pots from English potters

Ang,s demo of slip, drying by the heater
I went to the studio on Wednesday to see what people were making for the workshop and as I have not thrown any pots for ages except some mugs a few months back, Ang told me to get a move on and go home and throw some pots.
So I threw some little bowls, a couple of plates and some slightly bigger bowls and actually finished them and trimmed them yesterday .It has been a long long time since I have thrown much of anything but somehow I managed to get these done .

My pots for the workshop

First slipped bowl.

The slip nossle was way too big and the slip a little too slippery.

First try at a plate, what a mess.
The slip was beautiful but it required a finer hole to control the delivery and a lot of practice but nevertheless I enjoyed myself "like a pig in mud" and had a good time trying it out.It really has a luscious look and I understand the comment about it being good enough to eat.
Thanks Doug and Hannah for showing the fine control they have over this medium, I" take my hat off to them.

Could't stop playing with the slip.

Anna working on her slip.
Mellie did clay tiles.
Merrilyn came a long way for the workshop and bought a friend with her.
We go way back to 1980 when we were both at college together in the same year studying for our Design Degree in Ceramics at Underdale,SA

Ang on the go .
Ang cleaning up at the end of the workshop.


Linda Starr said...

Oh that looks like a lot of fun, slipping in the mud, I keep saying I'll get a slip bottle but have yet to do that; I paint mine on with a brush, but one of these days. Practicing on tiles might be fun. I like your tea tree bowl and you did super on throwing your pots, I dare say I probably couldn't even center any clay these days.

ang design said...

oh well done judith...glad you enjoyed yourself and came well armed with pots :)) ...we'll get those fired asap and get to the glazing part!!!

Anna said...

The workshop was a great success,a lovely group of artists getting together and trying some thing different.
Not as easy as Hannah and Doug made it look,but great fun.

judsculpt said...

Thanks Ang and Anna for the comments, it was good fun.
Linda you will have to get with a few friends and try slipware, it was lovely to play around with the slip and it looked so luscious when it was wet on the pot.Judy