Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Painting finished

Self portrait, (note my arthritic fingers)
I've had a grand time working on this painting. I've just signed it and will be sending it as an entry into the Prospect Portrait Prize and hope it will be accepted as an entry.
It's quite a while since I painted but it was great to get back into painting so quickly, so wish me luck!!
I can now go back to work on my sculpture.
Ang is having a workshop on Slip  next weekend so I am looking forward to it as she will be showing photos of her trips overseas and all the wonderful pottery she has seen,


ang design said...

looks so great judith!!

Anna said...

love your painting judith,I can't see you having trouble getting this accepted for the art show,good luck,

judsculpt said...

Thanks Anna and Ang for your comments.
It will take a month before I hear whether it is accepted.