Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Portrait in Oils

I have wanted to get back to some painting and when I saw that the Prospect Portrait Prize was again on this year ( as it is held every two years) I thought i would put an entry in. The entries are due by 16th September and only 25 will be selected for the exhibition, so I will have to be good to make the selection.
I envisaged painting my face with white face paint  with the eyes natural and the mouth as well.
A few years ago about the mid 90's I painted a portrait similar with a white face  so I thought I would like to do a new take on this.

Self Portrait 1995
I ordered some face paint online and asked my husband to photograph me painted in facepaint,and to make it more significent I wanted to hold a bunch of sculpting tools.
John photographed me but after looking at the results i thought it looked a bit too bland so I added black circles of face paint round the eyes and whilst i was painting I made the black colour too wet and it ran down my cheek.
I  decided to use this accident as part of the painting.
This is the work so far.

Beginning the oil painting.

Painting so far
I'm actually enjoying the process and it's a change from sculpture.I still have my bust wrapped in plastic but i need to get a move on and complete it before the closing date.

I also received some photos from Ang that she took at the Saint Ignatius Art Show so that I could post them.
I forgot to take a camera and it was such a good opening  night.

Nude Bust in bronze

Standing beside The little 12 year old Dancer 2/3 life size


Linda Starr said...

Love the self portrait, good luck with the prize.

judsculpt said...

Thanks Linda,good to hear from you again

ang design said...

rockin portrait judith!!

judsculpt said...

Thanks Ang, Couldn't see myself in a conventional portrait.