Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to sculpting and Ang's Slipware workshop this weekend.

Ang's Slipware workshop is this weekend.
I have had a relaxing time out whilst I finished my painting.
Now that I have finished I need to get back to the bust of Mary MacKillop and finish modelling it so it can have molds made of it.

I took the arms and hands off to place the crucifix behind the hands and have just begun to model the arms and hands back again. I spent a couple of hours today working on it but I still have to work more on the actual finger placement. Photos show how far I got before I stopped this afternoon.

We went to visit our daughter who has a fractured ankle and is in plaster. Their young 6 month old dog dashed across Lisa as they were walking and she heard the break.

My walking and running friend has recently run a half marathon and on Sunday also ran the local 'City to Bay"
12 km run and did it in 67 minutes and Cathy was very happy with her time.
I ran it last year with my son in law and I took 75 minutes last year but I haven't been training this year and Cathy is determined to get me running so this Thursday we are off on a run to see how I go. My knees are not what they used to be.

Cathy near the end of the half Marathon
I have to throw some plates and bowls in earthenware tomorrow or the next day and trim them ready for Ang's Slipware workshop.It should be great as she has the ear of a few very famous slipware potters, Doug Fitch, Hannah McAndrew and Ron Philbeck, such great wonderful potters.
and  photos as well of her trips.
She made a great poster for the workshop but as yet have been unable to download it onto my blog.
I keep getting the message "error try again"
Still can't download it darn.

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Linda Starr said...

How you work on something so monumental and long term amazes me, sculptures must take a certain type of patience I don't have. That should be a great workshop, I know what you mean about knees not being what they used to be, time takes it toll, it has on me.