Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I wasn't able to set up my photos in order last time I blogged so after a rest I am trying again.
Using a mirror to see faults

A piece of foil helps to keep the shape

slowly building up the form of the veil

My photos of Mary MacKillop
Mary MacKillop died 101 years ago and there are 14 photos of her as a sister and these are the best photos to use.There are none of her in profile .

My small slab roller that I bought off my sister
My dear sister was a potter and a painter. Gwen was a great person to talk to although we lived in different states, about 800km apart.
She died of Lung cancer four years ago  and I sorely miss her as she was so enthusiastic and so supportive of my work.

Happy with the look of the face.

Work in the front of the veil.

The hands are left till the last so they don't get damaged.
Beginning the back of the veil.
Work so far, I have not worked on the bust for a while as other enquiries have taken my time this last week.
I have had an enquiry for a model for a gravestone to be to be carved in granite, so I have taken a break from the bust.

All I need to do is spray the bust with water and then wrap the piece in several layers of plastic. I usually wrap a plastic paint drop sheet round the piece I am working on and tie a couple pieces of twine to secure it in place.

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