Friday, July 31, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

David Reekie's Masterclass in Cast Glass

10 artists spent 4 days with David Reekie learning his particular techniques of casting glass and his techniques for colouring and firing the work.
We had a great time and David was a great tutor. We worked continuously and ended up with a piece of work out of the kiln Saturday, and our second peice will be ready to take out of the kiln on Friday.
We had two glass artists from Canberra, Kirsty Rea and Maggie Hickey, and the rest of us from South Australia, including Tim Shaw and Kris Carter.
we also had some wine tastings from Ian Charlton's vinyard and lunch provided for us on Saturday and Sunday and a dinner Saturday night in town after class.
We also attended Gabriella Bissetto's group exhibition opening at Flinders University City Gallery called "Not Absolutely".in Adelaide.
Gabriella is the head of the Glass Department at UNISA and with the assistance of Helpmann and Bullseye Glass we were treated to a great Master-class workshop.
Shaun also arrived home from Turkey, Friday morning, so we met up with him after I came home from the Exhibition.
Our granddaughter was also competing at the Invitational Gymnastics on Saturday so I missed out seeing her come 3rd overall in Level 5 National stream Gymnastics. Her team came 1st in the team event as well.
And to top off a busy weekend, we watched a couple of hours of live TV on Tour de France so all in all it was a very exhausting 4 days.
It was great to have Shaun back home after his grand adventure but he is leaving for PNG tomorrow, to go back to work.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Postcards 5.30pm 2 August, tv channel 9

I haven't been blogging of late.
Our presentation of our Expression of Inrerest workshop went very well and although our presentation did not win the adjudicaters vote, the other groups voted our design the one they would most likely to see placed in the park.
Shaun is at the end of his journey as he has to be back in New Guinea for work next week.He left Lucas and the car in Bangladesh and flew back to Turkey for a few day's holiday before flying home on 24th July to Adelaide.
I will be attending David Reekie's Masterclass in Glass casting for 4 days, Thursday to Sunday.
It will be a great workshop and I went into Uni SA to meet him last week.
We also went to the club's quiz night and our table managed to get the highest score although I was hardly a help, but it was an enjoyable evening.
I am going to go on a Mary Mackillop Tour early next month to see some of the places she lived in Adelaide and also Mary's feast day is on the 8th August and there will be a mass said in the cathedral that I will be going to also.
Postcards on Channel 9 TV Sunday 2nd August, will feature the sculpture of Mary Mackillop. at 5.30 pm.