Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to Work

Paradise Harbour Antarctica.
This is the first post in almost a year. So much has happened since I last wrote.

Above is a painting I worked on last year and then continued on painting again this year as I wasn't entirely satisfied with the results. I have also painted a further two smaller paintings of the same iceberg from a different angle and showed them at the Saint Ignatius Art Show last weekend.

This is really the first lot of work shown since last year.

I must say that the commission of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Soldiers Memorial was not carried through and I reluctantly decided against continuing with the job. Many of the problems stemmed from having someone else make my armatures and after a month's work they were still as much a problem that my best solution was to not continue with the  work.

Several week's later whilst driving home a car ran a red light and hit my car.The car was totalled and I ended up being taken by ambulance to hospital with both wrists injured and bruising to my chest, knees and arms and neck. My right wrist had been fractured in two places .Just as well I did not have  a major commission on my plate to complete.

A week later my husband had a major cardiac arrest whilst driving me home in his car.
We went through a roundabout and damaged the car.I pulled the wheel to the side of the road and found my husband to be unconcious and not breathing.With help from local people and ringing emergency service, my husband was resuscitated and given defribrulation and rushed to Adelaide hospital where we had a tense twelve days in ICU.

He finally came home from the hospital several days before Christmas and began a long recovery.
My youngest brother also died after Christmas from cancer which was unexpected. We had hoped
he would have had a slightly longer time to live.

So here I am beginning work again and trying to sort our lives out again.
Hopefully I will relate some of the new work I am now doing.
Hope you will join me with some of my new posts.