Friday, October 29, 2010

Photos from Adelaide Canonisation Celebrations

I was sent these two photos from the celebrations by the editor of "The Southern Cross" and thought I would post them.
It was an amazing feeling as cameras were all clicking for about 5 minutes, I felt somehow I had been mistaken for a movie star, so I am sure now that the sculpture of Saint Mary has had an impact on Adelaide's Catholic  community.

Thank you Adelaide for embracing the Mary MacKillop sculpture and having pride in its placement in the heart of Adelaide.

I have been reading  "The Dig Tree" by Sarah Murgatroyd about the tragic expedition of Bourke and Wills. The authorhad studied and travelled extensively providing news and current affairs coverage for the BBC.
To research THe Dig Tree she retraced the footsteps of Bourke  and Wills across Australia.Sarah died of cancer in March 2002 at the age of 35, a few weeks after her book was published.

After watching a program last night on TV about Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King I was struck by how many good people are lost to the world so early in their lives.
They believed earnestly that we can all do good work for others less fortunate than ourselves  if only we look  and like Mary MacKillop see a need and do something to help.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop

 A view of the marchers arriving at Victoria Square, having walked from Kensington to the city.

Sunday ended up being quite cold with a cold wind blowing but it did nothing to dampen the spirits of the crowd gathered to watch the multicultural concert before the Canonisation Mass being broadcast from Rome.
There were so many nationalities at the cathedral,so it was wonderful to see that Mary has found so many hearts that believe in her goodness.

Many different nationalities either danced or sang as part of the concert.

Just before the broadcast from Rome commenced, Monsignor Cappo thanked the various people involved on the day and he also thanked the sculptor , me for the sculpture of Mary. There was an outbreak of applause and I felt so touched that so many people have been so interested in the sculpture .. They  feel it means so much to them, many touching the sculpture in reverence and leaving flowers at the foot of Mary.

A new plaque was unveiled with the new name of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, just before the mass was broadcast from Rome.

This is a painting I did several years ago when I was trying to find a likeness of Mary before sculpting the clay model

Difficulties in seeing my photos

The last blog disappeared on me including all but 1 of the photos and I have been trying to make them reappear.
I'm not a good user of the computer so it often mystifies me when things don't work.

I hope my full blog reappears as Iwanted to blog about Sunday's event.

I also bought a set of Mary MacKillop Medallions with a first day cover and stamps from Australia Post.
I was asked if they could use my sculpture on the medals so it was very good to see them as I had only seen the artwork.

We were away for a week's holiday where we had a look along Eyre Peninsula and called in to see several craftsmen along the way and arrived back last Saturday evening. I will endeavor to post some views in the coming week

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saint Mary of the Cross.

We have arrived back in Adelaide yesterday evening in time for the Canonization of Mary this evening.
I have been lucky to be invited to the ceremony of the new nameplate being given to the sculpture of Mary.
There will be crowds of people present. I have seen the image of the sculpture on the television, quite a few times this week. and I believe it will also be used in Rome as part of the presentation for Mary MacKillop.

It is quite overwhelming to be a small part of this historical moment for Australians and I believe Mary was such an important part of the colony's history and of the bigger picture of Australian history.

I am certainly a supporter of Mary MacKillop and the work the Josephites do in Australia.
More about the cannonization tomorrow.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mary MacKillop Cannonization

I will be going to the Cannonisation Ceremony at the cathedral in Adelaide, Sunday afternoon, where they will be unveiling the new plaque for Mary's Sainthood just before the Rome Ceremony.
There is so much planned as celebrations around the state and the whole of Australia.

I did a recovery walk up Anstey's hill for a couple of hours on Tuesday and took lots of photos of the wildflowers that are all through the bush. I have been wanting to show them but as yet haven't put them on the web.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yurrabilla Ultra marathon

Cathy and I.

Karen withanother entrant, Sue Worley behind her.

Yurrabilla Trail Signs.

Darryl on the steep part of Quarry track, Black Hill.

Mike, on Black Hill.

Part of the steep track with bessa blocks and concrete re-enforcingthe track on Black hill.

Walking Brownhill Creek.

Cathy ahead at Brownhill Creek with me just visible behind her.

Me very exhausted on the steep uphill section of Black Hill, the last uphill section of the course.

Cathy powering up the same section

Sue ahead of us on the last uphill section.

Tracy also ahead on Black Hill.

Cathy and I on the Horsnell Gully section earlier in the day

Looking out across the Adelaide Plains towards Adelaide from the top of Morialta.

Cathy and I in the morning.

There were official photos taken on the run on Sunday so I am posting photos of the group of people we trained with. Sorry to not have them in order of the run.
Also results came in and I was the first and only woman in my age group, came in 177th runner and 33rd woman overall. Not a bad effort for the day.
My official time was 11:07:53

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yurrabilla Trail Ultra Marathon Challenge Sunday 3 Oct

Tracy, such a star runner.

The good looking officials who greeted us with marshmallows at the top of Morialta.

Karen waited for us all to finish even though she retired ill from the race, with husband Darryl

Tracy said to raise my hands in triumph but I felt close to crying on relief at the finish.

Karen's husband Darryl, and Sue How did they look so good at the end?

Darryl, Sue's husband, Mike, and Sue.

Darryl and Cathy's husband Chris and daughter Georgia, as our faithful support crew through out the day.

Cathy, such a great partner in the run, at the end of the challenge with sweet Georgie.

I tried to post the map Saturday night but it wouldn't upload, something to do with being a pfd document.
We were up early and caught the bus in time for the 6.30 start in the hills. Everyone started running from the beginning and I felt that the pace was a little too fast for me . My torch was great through the tunnel but I wished I had ditched my light fibre pile jumper before the start, as I was hot after the first kilometre of running, so I took it off and tied it round my waist, so it was always in the way when I reached round for my water bottle. We reached the first 5km checkpoint at a steady pace of 9 minute kms and kept it up for the first few checkpoints, but as we began to climb up through the Mt lofty track I really felt it was going to be a very hard day.
Cathy and I kept together and as we started running towards Cleland checkpoint, I tripped on a rock and went sprawling in the dirt. I ended up with skin off both hands and a chin which also hit the dirt. Cathy was great and had water from her bottle to clean away dirt and blood and supplied some band aids for my hands. I felt a little nauseous for a few minutes so we took it easy for a little while. There were course photographers at different locations and they took photos so I should eventually get some off the net.
Karen from our training group was very unwell and was nauseous with back pain decided to pull out at the Cleland checkpoint and Sue although felt bad kept going to the end.
We had a toilet break at Cleland and at every checkpoint there was cut up fruit and water and at some checkpoints there were sports drinks which were very welcome. There was also fruitcake Lollies and jelly beans and runners could refill their water bottles and friendly faces cheering us on.Cathy's husband Chris, was our support person for the day so he picked up Karen at Cleland.
Sue,her husband and Darryl,Karen's husband and Tracy were all ahead of us and going well.
Cathy and I were dreading the next leg after Cleland as Cathy was having a hard time descending the steep sections and I was having a hard time on the climbing sections so I went ahead downhill and Cathy would power up the steep inclines and catch me up so we ended up working that way and at Morialta, Cathy saw the sweeper who is the last person on the track to sweep up any runners who would not make the time limit of 11 hours. She assured Cathy that we were on time to finish so we were very relieved at this.
By this time I was feeling rather grim and very tired. We met some funny dressed up officials in Fishnet stockings and dinner jackets handing out Marshmallows lollies and drinks as we turned out of Morialta and crossed the hot cliff stony goat track during the afternoon. The temperature was supposed to be 25 c and was one of the first hot days we have had so we hadn't been training in warm weather at all.
I found my knee ached and also my glutes and calves and felt awful in my tummy, I felt revolted by the sweet things but took a few jelly beans but mostly watermelon as my stomach did not want anything in it. Even at the lunch point at Morialta cottage I had half a cup of warm tea and a small square of pizza and sat for a few minutes before we had to get back on the track.
I left Cathy again to run down the second last hill and was two thirds up the steep quarry track and Cathy had powered up to catch me up and reminded me to drink several times. I really was feeling quite shattered and felt I had to end as soon as possible so left Cathy to go down the hill as fast as I could. My feet were very sore and i knew I had some small stones in my shoes but knew I wouldn't stop to take them out.
As I came close to the end I wondered should I stop for Cathy and come in with her, but the crowd just started cheering me on over the line and I was so close to tears of relief to finish the grueling day.
Cathy came in a few minutes later also to the cheers of everyone.
It had become a horrendous day but we were still pleased and relieved that we has actually finished the event.We both felt and looked shattered at the end of it all. My heart monitor had rubbed my skin raw, I have a black toe nail and another suspect toenail, bruises on both knees and thigh and some skin off knees, hands and chin from the fall.
So glad to finish and so tired after taking 11 hours 15 minutes for the 56km Ultra Marathon Challenge.
We had arranged to shower at Cathy's and then go back for a meal with everyone and for the awards but we opted for home, a foot bath, a slice of toast and vegemite for me, a spa and bed after such a long long day.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yurrabilla Trail Tomorrow

Gosh I'm so anxious about tomorrow. All's not well with my body, with a right knee being nursed along so that it doesn't swell for tomorrow and a pesky ilieo soas tendon in my left hip which appears to have been strained somewhat, I am a little worried that tomorrow is not going to be the sucess I am hoping for. Such is life.
I went to see a couple of doctors to try to work out where the pain is coming from, and they tell me that it probably is wear and tear as one gets older, but I am not ready to accept that I can no longer do these events and I'm sure that my body is actually stronger by training and doing these long walks. What about all the healthy sunshine and exercise in the open air, and the enjoyment of the bush? I am much better for having lost some weight.
Daylight saving begins tomorrow, so the clocks are turned back 1 hour which means I really need to get up at 4.30 am which will make it 3.30am real time, because of day light saving.
I am swinging by Cath's place to pick her up and get to the bus departure point in time for the bus leaving at 5.30 am.
The bus will get us to the 6.30 start and we will need a torch through Echo tunnel as it will be just before dawn. I hope to post the profile of the trek and the map with this post.

Congrats to the potters that were in the Potters and and Blog show. I was so pleased Ang represented our corner of the globe.

A few good things are happening at my studio but are not able to be publicised at the moment.
only to say another bronze sculpture should soon be underway.
Hope I can say tomorrow evening that I completed the Trail walkso I will keep you posted.
The cutoff time for the last hill to be tackled is 4.30 pm and the best time I have crossed the last hill is 1 hour 20 minutes so we will have to at that checkout by about 4.00pm to complete the walk by 5.30pm.
We can have a shower at the football club and there is a presentation dinner following after the event.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

City to Bay Fun Run

Went into Adelaide for the annual 12 km Fun Run to the bay this morning. Jude my son in law, had entered it also so we decided to run together as neither of us had trained for the run .I thought my walking would hold me in good stead for the event as I have done plenty of miles but very few consistent running training.
The weather was cool and overcast which was great for the run.
The organizers had a record 31,000 entries so there was lots of people doing it.
Jude was great to run with as he set a reasonable pace and kept it going for the whole event and although I was feeling a little tired toward the end , we finished it together, taking 80 minutes to run the 12 kms
I was hoping I would be between a 6 to7 minute per kilometre pace and we achieved it so I was quite happy with the results, but next year I intend to train for the race and try to get my time closer to the 6 min pace if I am able to.
Thanks Jude for running my pace as he could have ran a faster race but chose to help me keep my pace instead.
The Kirrabilla Trail Event is a fortnight away so we still have to keep our walking going.

I have been scheduled to talk about the sculpture of Mary MacKillop, to a local Catholic Primary school next week and have also been invited to take part in the celebrations at the Catholic Cathedral in Adelaide on the day of Mary's Cannonization in October and they will be changing the sculpture plaque from "Blessed" to "Saint".
Hope every one was satisfied with their event times, I know a lot of people were doing it including Ang, Karen and her husband, the "Step into Life Modbury mob"and Nigel.
Will have to post a photo when I get one from some one else's camera.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Photos I meant to post

This is the view of Kangaroo Creek Dam with water flowing down river after the wonderful rains South Australia have had.

One of the obliging kangaroos that waited for me to get my phone out and take a photo, before he moved off into the bush whilst walking Black Hill.

This is a view of First Falls at Morialta Conservation Park, taken while walking with Cathy last Wednesday on our 42km trail walk.

A photo of me above First Falls.

Second Falls in Morialta Conservation Park, South Australia.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fired head before painting with casein paint.

I quickly downloaded 5 photos before I went to bed and found that I had clicked on some earlier photos that I has not meant to post, but as they are now up I will leave them, and give an explanation.

The first 2 are modelled from a photo of my daughter.

The next one is a shot of part way through modelling Shaun, my son.
He almost looks like he just needs pointy ears and he would make a good "Pan".
I kept modelling until I had a much better likeness .
Just shows how the face can change when details are not quite right. I'll have to post the finished pieces to show the difference.

This photo is a head that I had fun with one weekend,
I quite enjoyed working on the details of it . I eventually will colour it with casein paint and try some of the techniques that Judy Fox uses.

This is one of the photos I meant to post , of my friend Cathy whilst out walking on Wednesday.

More Trailwalking

Since last post, Cathy, a regular training friend, and I, set out on a training walk from a lookout called "Eagle on the Hill" to on the southern slopes of the Mt Lofty Ranges to Ambers Gully on the northern side, a distance of 42 km which took us 8 hours 5 minutes to complete. Although it did not rain, the track was still rather wet with all the rain we have had over the last several weeks.The creeks were full and swollen and the waterfalls were lovely with water spilling over them.

It is actually quite wonderful to have all the heavy rain as our state has been in drought for about 10 years. and the state has had to build a desalination plant to ensure that we do not run out of water.
The walk took in three quarters of the Yurrebilla Trail which traverses Cleland Conservation Park, just below Mt Lofty (our tallest mountain at 711m) through to the very steep Horsnell Gully Conservation Park on to Norton Summit where we stopped for a coffee at lunch time. We then headed down the steep trail into Morialta Conservation park where I couldn't resist taking a couple of photos of the waterfalls and where we met a visitor to Australia from Switzerland.
We then carried on out of Morialta across to Black Hill Conservation Park where we climb straight up to the summit at 467m and cross back down to Ambers Gully.
We were happy with our effort but also glad to be finished for the day.

John and I went up to Kangaroo creek dam to see the spillway open for the first time in nine years and drove back through Cuddly Creek where we had a lovely lunch at Babette's cafe( one of the girls from our group of trailwalkers) .I was impressed to see her two certificates from walking (running)100km in 23hrs and 24hrs.
I hope I might be able to try a 100km event next year, if I keep the training up.

Monday I took myself for a mixture of walking and jogging up our local hill reserve. The wildflowers are out and are beautiful. I did roughly5km in an hour and today I went to Fitness Tone session and last night did my regular yoga weekly session.
I have also entered the City to Bay Fun Run, only hope the steep bush tracks have hardened me up for the 12 km event on Sunday.

I have been also working on a design commission for a life size bronze sculpture for the last three months. I fired the maquette in the kiln along with another piece which I want to paint with Casein paints. So the design piece should be finished by the end of the week and mailed off.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trail walking

Thought I might blog about the trail walking we have been doing lately. We walked as a group of 4 on Monday up Anstey's Hill for a 2 hour walk.
The weather was reasonable after the very heavy rain since Friday and all over the weekend. We were going to do one of the more difficult walks over Black Hill on Saturday but the rain was quite heavy all day with very strong winds, not the sort of weather to go bush in, so we cancelled the walk.
Monday , we saw a huge male kangaroo on the track, quite the biggest I've seen walking.
We have also spotted koalas high in the gums and also seen 2 wild hives with lots of honeycomb.
Tomorrow, I am walking with Karen and Thursday there will be 3 of us so we should clock up a few kilometres this week.
I tried to enter Sea to Summitt , a 30 km trail being held on Sunday but the entries closed before I was able to enter, but I have entered for the City to Bay Funrun being held in 2 week's time, I just hope the trail walking and running will see me fit enough to do it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A short post .

This is a bronze cast of the torso I was working on earlier this year. The stand was also made commercially especially for the piece. Silvio Opponyi helped me with the patina, it looks so good.

This is a stoneware bust "Dreaming", I have used casein paint to colour the bust.
"Shaun", a stoneware bust coloured with a bronze patina.

I am touching base with the blog as it is ages since I posted news.
Our group exhibition went well and has now finished at Artistic License on Melbourne Street, Adelaide but my 4 pieces can still be seen there for another couple of weeks as they did not have any sculptures on display so mine have remained till the start of the following exhibition.
I was a little suprised at the opening, that the artists weren't introduced to the good crowd of people that attended.
I hoped that people seeing my work might consider having a bust made or having a bronze head commissioned.
I am currently working on a commission for a sculpture design, and if all goes well, am hoping it will lead to another life size bronze in the near future.

I have been doing a lot of trail walking and jogging over the last few months so I am relatively leaner and fitter than I have been.
I walk with a group of women who are very fit and we walk the local hill trails usually for 2 to 8 hours and we last walked part of the yurrabilla trail from Norton Summit to Black Hill on Saturday, 22kms in 3 hours 33 minutes, whilst the rest of the girls were attempting the Oxfam Sydney 100 kms trail. Karen pulled out after going 60 km at 1 am and Babette also pulled out with injury, but Tracy and Sue finished the 100km in 27 hours which was wonderful news.
We are training to finish the Yurrabilla Trail, 56km across the face of the Adelaide hills in 11 hours. Only 4 weeks to go, as it is being held on Sunday October 3 2010.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Touching base

Gosh I haven't written anything for a while. The girls were using my computer during the school holidays and I tried to get to my blog but it kept blocking me saying that my password wasn't correct so I kept trying but didn't waste too much time to reset it. So finally I have reset it and will hopefully sit down soon and update the past 2 months.Bye for now.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cast taken from 2 piece mould

This is the second cast taken , the first from the silicone rubber mould before anything has been done to it. The edges will need to be surformed to remove the excess plaster and the line where the two halfs of the mould meet or the seam line will need to be removed with great care.

There is a cavity in the plaster by the hip which will need filling and also the extra plaster by the waist, neck and arms will need to be removed.
The screw holes in the centre wall can be seen.
The plaster will now dry out for two weeks before the process of patinating can begin.