Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bushwalking in the Adelaide Hills and SALA

Koala on walk
My friend Cathy and I had decided to do our longer walks on Mondays and keep Wednesday walks shorter, as we both have other things to do.
We met last Monday and decided to walk across Black Hill but take a track that we haven't been on before.
The first grade is fairly steep but as you get to the top a little way along is another fork which takes you along to the "Orchard track" which we did for the first time the week before, and the track is fairly steep over the hill just about straight down to Montacute Road on the other side.
We found another track called "Eagles Court" Track" leading off this one that seemed to be very overgrown and looked as though it hasn't been in use lately.
The weather was glorious and the sky was deep blue so we had a beautiful day for winter walking as the temperature was 19 degrees C.
We saw another track to our right on the way back and thought it may lead back to close to where we were heading but when it turned to go downhill again we realized we needed to climb back up the hill off the track and we came across a koala sitting at the base of a tree.

Although I was able to stroke him he was fairly skittish and started to climb up a small sapling about 4 feet off the ground and proceeded to poo. Cathy took some photos with her phone camera as it is quite unusual for a koala to be on the ground during the day, they are usually  high up in the gum trees asleep.

I called into the TTG Craft Workshops to see how the firing of the big gas kiln worked out. I felt the work looked fairly heavily reduced as the clay colour was grey on my mugs.

I'm still needing a lot of practice with brushwork, oops I just noticed a patch I forgot to paint, funny I only just saw it.

SALA has just published all the exhibitions and open workshops and the opening of my workshop was in the publication.All welcome, come and have a glass of wine with me and look at my new studio and see some of my work on display.
The dates are 13th and 14th August and 20th and 21st August open from 11.00am till 4.00pm.
See you there.