Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two new sculpture commissions.

Half a ton of clay for the sculptures

Male soldier armature, 2 m tall

Clay, female and male armatures on stands ready to go.
 Well it has been a long time since last writing that the new project was almost ready to go.
It has taken a full month to get the armatures drawn up and made. They are rather fancy with hinges and such to get the right position of the figure. The male soldier will be holding a WW1 rifle and be in full uniform with webbing so there will be a lot of detail to get right.
The female will be in nurses uniform.
Carving the internal support for the male
 The first thing I am doing is making an internal support for the male out of polystyrene.
I have inadvertantly cut myself twice with this big knife so I ordered a hot wire cutter which will arrive tomorrow.
At the end of the day the internal support glued overnight
Last thing today I glued the support on and it should be firm to work on tomorrow.

Whilst I have been waiting on this project to be ready, I took on another commission to make a half life sized figure so I have lots of work on the go.
I will be working on the private commission at weekends and if I get some down time or need a break I will work on this. A lot of the initial work has been done and the figure now needs work on the hands and feet.
It should be ready for the foundry mid November so I need to keep pushing both lots of work.