Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mixed pieces

Ang's pots

Whilst I was photographing things I thought I may as well take a photo of two of Ang's Raku bottles that I am very fond of.
I must doing some of my own work too but the weather is very hot 35 degrees c, and we are planning to go out and watch "Tour Down Under" as Lance Armstrong has come to Australia to ride in it and it will be worth a look at such a fantastic bike rider.
It will be warm weather for the overseas riders and we are planning to take up a vantage point just 4 km from home that is on a gruelling uphill grade called Snake Gully Road.

This is one of the many dolls that they sell everywhere. Note the bull in her arms.
I also bought a girl and a boy doll for my grandaughters.

This is the tourist version of what is usually placed on the roof of a Peruvian house

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