Monday, January 26, 2009

The location site of the Blessed Mary Mackillop bronze

We wanted to have a look at the progress to the grounds of the Catholic Cathedral in the city centre as I have not been into town since before Christmas. Work has been progressing well since I was last there and the sacristy has been completed.
The sculpture of Blessed Mary Mackillop will be placed on this side of the cathedral in front of the two long windows about 5 m from the side of the walls.The stone work has been steam cleaned to rid the cathedral of the city grime and it looks good.

It should be placed in front of the two long windows and I am assuming it will be the first two seeing there is seating close to the second pair. It looks as though about 2/3 of the paving has been done but none of the planting or the foundations for the bronze has been done yet.

The sacristy is on the other side of the building but I forgot to take a photo of it, although I meant to.

The Cathedral looks wonderful cleaned of the city grime.

This is a view looking towards the new SA Water building but the grounds in front are part of the area that the sculpture will be part of. I hope to get some idea next week whether it will be the date as planned.


Doug Fitch said...

It must be very exciting and hugely satisfying to know that your wonderful work will be there soon.

I'd like to feel sorry for you in all that sunshine, but I got my car stuck in the snow yesterday! :)

judsculpt said...

Thanks Doug,I read all about your adventures, it's so unreal to think we are havong extreme heat waves here and in Queensland huge floods and over there you are battling snow, have read the e/news about the heavy snow over in Britain.Foundations are now poured and the stone bankering for the plinth commenced. Can't wait.